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Although I initially made this blog to record my progress into the world of 'crafting' it has morphed slightly as I realised there are other things that really interest me too and I enjoy sharing with everyone else. So here is a brief outline of the sorts of things you will find on this blog:

Obviously there is still going to be a lot of craft related posts on here as that is still my primary focus. Specifically sewing related crafts. I want to learn how to make my own clothes and also learn how to make bags and accessories to a high enough standard that I will eventually be able to set up my own business...which may in turn lead to WORLD DOMINATION....it's a slow progress at the moment ;)

I love cooking and trying out new recipies so I thought I would share the results on here. Simple!

I LOVE taking photos. I especially love taking close up/marco shots as I think this makes you look at everyday objects in a new light.

Northern Ireland
My routes are firmly from Northern Ireland, but I haven't always lived here. I was born in Kuwait and spent 15 years of my childhood in Indonesia. I also lived in Edinburgh for 4 years at University. So now that I am back living in Belfast I am determined to see as much of this country as possible. I believe that you can easily take your home turf for granted and not really see everything it has to offer. And I think N.I. is a pretty awesome place and I'd like to share it with everyone!

As I mentioned above - I've lived abroad quite a lot (half of my life now...eep!) so travel is firmly in my blood. I also have a job which requires traveling to rather unusual places. So why not combine my love for photography and travel and share the results on here!

I don't really know how to 'title' the rest of the stuff on here! Just my thoughts and photos of things that I like!

So there you go, I hope that gives you a rough idea of what you'll find on here.
I'm new to blogging, so go easy on me. And I LOVE comments - they honestly make my day!!!! So if you are ever passing by, please leave me a wee hello, it will make me smile :)


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