Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One of the motivations for starting this blog are the number of really great craft-related blogs out there. As I say, I'm only just getting into the world of blogging (work is slow these days!), but I have come across some really great ones.

I'm sure everyone has heard of Etsy, but I've only just discovered it - what a revelation! The site is amazing. I hate the way the high street turns us all into clones and everyone ends up wearing pretty much the same thing - where is your individuality! One of the problems over here in Belfast is there is little choice other than whats on the high street. Unfortunately we don't have many independent boutique-y type shops, so this website (Etsy) offers us a bit of that.
Another site similar to that is Coriandr - and the great thing about this site is that its UK based!
My dream would be to have a wee 'shop' on either of those sites.

Blogs which I find inspiring are:
Small Measure

Finally, a great site I have just discovered is Design*Sponge - full of great crafting ideas as well as design inspiration and tasty looking recipes too!

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