A new beginning

Monday, August 10, 2009

So this is my first post.

Please bare with me...I am new to the world of blogging, but I hope that I can do it justice.

As I said in my 'welcome' note, I have recently been overcome with a huge desire to be creative and to perhaps make a little bit of money out of this. I'm school I always loved art (and I think I did pretty well at at - I got an A* in GCSE), but I had to give it up to focus on subject more 'suitable' for getting into University. And because of that I'm afraid to say that the creative side of me has been severely neglected for many years now.

I have always grown up in a very creative environment - my mother is gifted when it comes to sewing. From before I was born she was making clothes for herself, as well as the rest of her family. She is also brilliant at embroidery, knitting and also went through a massive quilting phase. If I could produce things even half as skilled as her I would be happy. So she is my inspiration in all of this! In the future I'd like to put up some photos of her work as I think they should be shared with the world - so keep checking back and hopefully I'll get around to this!

What I would like to do is create a mini business for myself, making and selling things from my home in Belfast. At the moment I plan on specialising in bags - you can never have too many bags! But I love photography and would also like to see if I could do something with that as well - perhaps small greeting cards etc. Once I get more used to sewing (and er...I might need to purchase a sewing machine!) I'd like to make some of my own clothes (but that will probably just be for myself for the time being!)

Once I get a decent amount of merchandise gathered up I'll trying selling them at local carboot sales, and also see if I can sell some stuff on ebay or other Internet sites. There are also some local craft fairs, but I need to do a bit more research into those I think.

Anyway, enough for now... :)

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