Banana Cake!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am making a conscious effort to post more blogs and I know a key to good blogging is photos. But its so hard to remember to take photos of the things I've been up to and I often find myself remembering well AFTER I have been somewhere, or made something, or eaten something, that I should have taken a photo for the blog! Doh!

Well last night I made my infamous Banana cake as requested by my work colleagues. I am always nervous about over or under cooking it - I think perhaps this time I might have slightly under cooked it. But I think it still turned out pretty well. To be honest, one of the things my work friends like about it the most is the icing (which is just water and icing sugar!)! The cheek! Ha ha, well as long as they still like the end result, I'm happy. Here is a couple of pictures showing the carnage caused in the making (I'm not a very tidy cook - but I promise the kitchen is nice and clean again now!) and the end result:

For information, I use this recipe from the Good Food webiste (I LOVE that website!).

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