I bought out the whole of Ikea!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well I had my trip to Ikea yesterday - god I LOVE that shop. I honestly could have bought everything in there (um...and perhaps I pretty much did!)! I brought my friend Kelly along with me to try and keep my spending in check - but she made things worse! She kept pointing out all these cool things and giving me total validation as to why I HAD to have that item in my life!
The main reason was to get a cheap, simple desk to create a new workstation for my sewing machine. And I was very pleased to find a small, basic desk for £15! How brilliant is that! And then I got to the storage section...oh dear...I think this could have been my downfall. I am now the proud owner of numerous storage boxes (of all shapes and sizes), glass jars and more! I'll take some pics of all my purchases tonight and put them up here tomorrow.
Now I just have to tackle the chaos that is my spare room and make space for my little desk! Should be fun - eek!!!

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