Oh Brother - what a Singer!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ah dear...still working on my catchy post headings....think I need a lot more practice! Ha.

Anyway, I was in my local Oxfam shop and came across two rather retro sewing machines. So out came my iphone and I partook in a little bit of sneaky photography! Check these guys out:

I love the way old sewing machines come built into their own table - very convenient. These are fun, but I have been so bad at using my 'new' machine that I have no need to buy these. But had there been an old black metal singer like this.....:

...THAT might have been a different matter! (source)

And while I was searching for the pic above I came across this beauty:

Wow, I love it! How gorgeously ornate. Wonder what it's stiches are like!

Right...these sewing machines have made me DETERMINED to get that attic room SORTED asap and get sewing. I honestly have a list as long as my arm of things I REALLY want to sew. And I keep buying material and not using it so my stash is getting a little out of control.


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