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Friday, February 05, 2010

Hello! Hope you haven't missed me too much (thats a lie, I really hope that you have missed me terribly! lol). My computer is still being fixed but I have access to another one for the time being. Unfortunately all the posts I have lined up involve photos that are on the other computer...but because I really wanted to do another post I thought I'd share a few photos which I salvaged from my facebook account and have been playing around with.

I always like the effect of blank & white and sepia photos, and I have these settings on my camera. But whenever I am taking photos I always tell myself that I will just take the photo in colour and then later on I can have the option to play around with the effects later. Typically I always forget to and they all remain in vibrant colour.

So...I thought I'd play with a few photos which I took while I was a sailing holiday in Greece last year....

I'm trying to go for a real 'old' feel to these photos...but not sure I'm quite acheiving it.

I quite like the effect on this one...It's like looking back at the old Polaroid photos my mum and dad have - which have all turned a yellow tint.

As I said, I salvaged these from my facebook site so the quality isn't the best. Keeping fingers crossed I get my laptop back this evening!!!!

Have a great weekend folks

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  1. I love the third photo - what came to my mind immediately was the film The Talented Mr Ripley.


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