Pancake flipping and flippin' computers!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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I hope you are all tucking in to mountains of fluffy pancakes loaded with butter / maple syrup / sugar and lemon....or as I had today in work: strawberries and cream! Oh yum!

Unfortunately my home computer is STILL playing up and I can't connect to the internet. Sad times I know. Especially since I have about a months worth of blog posts ready and waiting to write about! To give you a taster of a few things I've got in the pipe line have a look below:

- I finally got round to making my first bag - yeay! Its a little tote bag with a pocket in the front. You tuck the bag into the pocket when not in use and it's easy to carry in your I will never be without a shopping bag - oh so eco-friendly ;)
- I have also finally finished my skirt! I've added a lovely red band round the bottom and I am pretty pleased with it. It even FITS! ha ha.
- Moroccan meatballs - tres I'll post a photo of the finished result and link to the recipe
- A couple of day trips to some beautiful places around Northern Ireland

See - I am DYING to get back to the blogging! You may think that surely THIS post is 'blogging' - but the thing is that I can't upload my own photos on this computer. As I said...sad times.

In the mean time, I have updated my sidebar somewhat. One of the main new additions is the rolling list of Goals achieved so far in 2010. These are based on the Goals which I set out in the post you can find HERE. I'm hoping this will spur me on and inspire me to reach ALL of my 2010 Goals. I'm already feeling bad about not having even started into my fitness goals!


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  1. I have just finished two with lemon and sugar and am about to lunge into banana with maple syrup.... Mmmm! Keep go(al)ing!

  2. Yep we had a huge pile of pancakes yesterday - not good for my losing weight and fitness goals but what the heck, its only Shrove Tuesday once a year!


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