2010 Goals

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh dear, I have been meaning to post my 2010 goals for a while now, but what with one thing or the other I am only getting around to it now - and I haven't even polished the list properly, so it's just a rough idea for the time being:

1. Crafting
 - I would like to really get into the crafting scene this year. Teach myself how to make various things and, fingers crossed, actually make them well enough to sell - either online or at craft fairs (or both!). Including:
     - lined zip pouches
     - various types of handbags, inc clasp top
     - hair accessories
- establish this blog a bit better and hope for regular comments (which I love!)
- make some summer clothes for myself - dress/skirt/vest top etc.

2. Fitness
- Loose 1 stone by Dec 2010
- Run 10 miles non-stop by Dec 2010
( I may adjust these goals as the year progresses. I would be happy to meet these goals, but if I can exceed them then all the better. But for now, I'm happy with them as they are)

3. Travel
- 1 big HOT summer holiday with diving involved! (think this will be Thailand)
- Trip to France with my family (who are dotted around the world normally)
- at least 2 weekend trips away with my boyfriend (already planning Barcelona in March - yeay!)
- Visit at least 4 new places in Northern Ireland

4. Activities
- Learn to water ski
- Learn to surf
(it helps that my boyfriend can do these things and has all the equipment! I did try both this year, but failed miserably!)

5. General
- Stop biting the skin around my nails (tmi? lol)
- Try 10 new recipies
- Learn to reverse park my car properly (I am DIRE!!!!)
- Keep my home paperwork in order (urgh, pet hate!)

Oh my goodness...when it's all written down like that it's actually quite a lot isn't it?!! Perhaps I have set myself too many targets for this year. Well, if I achieve even half of them I will be happy! But I think a lot are achieveable and I have started putting the wheels in motion for some of them already anyway!

On a side note, I have set up my computer at home so I hope to be a little bit more diligent with my blogging (part of my goals after all! lol)! Watch this space ;)


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  1. I need to make a list of goals too! Unlike you I need to lose 2 stone!!!!

  2. re: 10 miles by dec 2010. there's the queen's 5K on wed march 31st, might be a good goal to build on? thought i might 'train' for this myself (not a runner, never have been, don't really even know what training involves but thought this might be the year to get bum off sofa and get the old body moving a bit....plus if i commit myself to it, in print, here on the internet, i might be more motivated to actually do it :-), who knows?...)

    good luck with your goals, xdeb

  3. Hey Deb, not a bad suggestion, I've been meaning to do the Queen's 5k sometime! Have to actually get back into the running shoes first - haven't been out for a single run since the evenings got dark!!!! Very bad I know! They are brightening up now and the snow has gone, so I'm fast running out of excuses (damn!)!!! ;)
    Let me know if you do do the Q5K tho!!!


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