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Monday, January 25, 2010

Yeay! The computer is working again...for now! It is extremely tempermental and may crash at any moment, but hopefully it will be content long enough for me to finish this post.

So as I said previously, I was away last week in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, with work. The work was very hard, especially as everything had to be through an interpreter. But I was totally won over by the city. Its very small and compact, and although it has been through quite a severe past, the 'old' town which had survived and been regenerated has so much charm. Here are a few of my photos:

View from my hotel, which was on the edge of the Old Town

Some of the old City walls

Typical street in the Old Town

One of the Mosques in the Old Town

A selection of the typical wares which the 'traditional' shops sold. A strong Turkish influence you can see. I was VERY tempted to buy the shoes...but as I knew they would just sit around looking 'pretty' rather than being used my sensible side managed to tear my romatic side away!

Oh yes - the BEST cheese cake in the world can be found in Sarajevo! But you need insider knowledge to find this lovely coffee shop....its hidden at the top of a very big shopping mall...and you would never just walk past it without knowing where to look!

Much to my surprise, there was no snow when we arrived, but it started to fall on Thursday...

And a little lay the next morning. This is the central Mosque, seen from my hotel.

As you know, Sarajevo was in the middle of a war in the 90s and there is an ever present reminder of this throughout the city with a lot of the buildings peppered with bullet holes.

This is the sign on a door into a very fancy coffee shop...we were told that guns were common place here!

But onto more light-hearted awesome is this hairdressers - they have TVs built into the mirrors!

And my favourite photo! This grinning cheshire cat can be seen hidden all over the city. This was the best rendition of him I found. Love him!!!

So there you have it! A quick guide through Sarajevo. Not your typical tourist destination, but definately a very interesting city! If you want to know any details about my trip (places to stay etc) then send me a message and I'll see if I can help at all.


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  1. Sarajevo looks very interesting and your photos are great. I had to laugh at the photo with the cheesecake as it showed my favourite coffee Illy - we love it, strong and black.

  2. I agree Sara - Illy coffee is definately one of the best...nice and strong!

  3. Great post and Sarajevo looks awesome, I would never have considered it as a city break destination but you've definately changed my mind! What do you do for work that takes you to lovely places like this!?

  4. Thanks guys!
    I work for an International Development not-for-profit organisation ( so I do end up in some unusual places (Kosovo, Poland, Bulgaria etc), but it's very interesting.
    Yes Sarajevo definately a very interesting place...but a tad expensive to get to as there are currently no direct flights from the UK (good job work was paying for me then! lol).


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