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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Whoops! I've been a bit lax with the ol' blog the last few days - sorry about that! Just thought I'd write a wee post to say that as I am currently away in Sarajevo with work and wont be back until late Sat there will be a bit of a break from me until next week I'm afraid.

Ironically, I had actually done a wee bit of 'crafting' last week and was really looking forward to blogging about it ASAP...but life got in the way....it does that sometimes! lol. Anyway, when i return I'll show you a pretty cute tote (bit of an american term there, but ah well, might as well embrace all things - and terms - crafty!) that I whipped up as well as a cute way to wrap up a homemade banana bread for a gift. Bet ya can't wait!

And I'll be sure to take some pics of Sarajevo too and post them. This is my second visit here (I was here last Sept) and I'm glad I'm back as it's a really lovely city - I'm looking forward to it (hmmm...apart from the work which I know is going to be shi...I mean CHALLENGING!!!!)  ;)


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