A selection of Christmas presents

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I thought I would share a few of the lovely things I was lucky enough to get this Christmas:

These lovely terracota caddies came from TK Maxx and I spied them on an outing with Sir who was clever enough to pay attention and come back the next day and get them for me :)

More Brownie points for Sir - another item I really wanted. These newly released editions of the Penguin Classics have GORGEOUS linen covers - I would love to collect them all. I think they would look great all lined up on my bookcase (what....books are for reading you say?!).

And a very funny gift from my mum. Especially funny coming from her as she is the eternal 'dieter'! Worth reading the small print on it.

I have been smitten with yet ANOTHER winter cold so I shall sign off now and wrap myself around a Lemsip and Manuka honey hot drink and hope it clears up soon. Just found out I am off to Bosnia and Herzegovina next week with work so I would really like it to be away by then. Fingers crossed!


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