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Friday, April 09, 2010

HELLO! Oh dear, I have been very bad at posting recently! In my defence...I was away on a wee mini-break with Sir over to Edinburgh. Twas fab and I loved dragging Sir around all my old uni haunts. We even went on a ghost tour and visited in the underground vaults - really good fun and scary (for ME anyway)...but alas, no ghosts were spotted!

Crafing wise, I STILL need to take a photo of myself wearing my blue & red skirt so that I can post about the finished item. Hopefully this weekend - although I'll have to find my tri-pod as Sir is off visiting family (so jealous how many holidays teachers get!). I have also started making a muslin for a summer dress. I measured myself and got very depressed when the measurements came out as the size 14 on the pattern (erm HELLO, I'm a size 10 in the shops!!!! Am I in denial or something??!!). So I am making the muslin out of the size 14 and keeping fingers crossed its too big - my mum recons it will be. But those are the measurements I came up with! I don't get it! Ah well, its all a learning process I guess!

It may take some time for me to get anywhere near finishing the dress though as my priorities for the next month are to PACK and MOVE house!!! Yep, taking the giant commitment leap and moving in with Sir!! Eekk!!!!!! He's being really great about it and not panicing too much (perhaps inside he is!). Although, saying that.....I told him the other day that I was just going to cancel my Tesco card and we could both use his....and he nearly had a mental breakdown! Use HIS card....and what about all the points HE has saved so far???!!!! Lol! The thought of sharing his Tesco card was faaarrr more of a commitment to him than me sharing his house! He is an odd one. But I guess thats why I love him (awwww - bleahhh!).

I am LOVING this weather this week - SPRING HAS SPRUNG (ah the cliche!)! And to mark the change in the season here is a wee pic of some daffs I took while in Edinburgh:

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  1. I always love seeing the pictures you post from your trips. Beautiful pictures! I really want to fly over and visit all those places.
    Hurry post a pic of your skirt!


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