A novel use for fingerless gloves/wrist warmers!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I meant to post about this ages ago, but what with my computer being banjaxed I am only getting around to it now.

I have a severe lack of vases in my house and on Valentines Day I recieved a single red rose from Sir (part of the Marks & Spensers Valentines Meal Deal - it was soooo good!) and didn't know what on earth to put it in. I wanted to have it on the table while we had dinner so I needed something then and there. Cue the only thing I could think of: a wine bottle. Only the label was still on it and it looked a bit ugly. So after a bit of searching around I spotted one of my red fingerless gloves (that pull up to your elbows) and wondered what it might look like on the bottle...and here is the end result:

I ended up with a bit of a 'French Bistro' feel to the dining table, which I loved! Ok, it might look a little silly, but for a last minute trick I was happy enough.

Once the rose withered I decided to move the red cover over to the bottle with the candle in it and have kept it ever since:

I have a red/black/white theme going on in my house so it fits in really well.


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