Pattern Challenge: New/additional patterns

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I decided to treat myself to a few new sewing patterns since I just got a promotion in work (yeay me!!)! Since I made my goal for the pattern challenge (see previous post) to make three summer outfits I knew I needed some more patterns to work from so after finding the Sewing World website, and discovering they are having a bit of a sale (although this could be a permenant sale?) I have opted for the following:

I love maxi dresses so I might try and make one with this pattern....altho that does use a LOT of material (and I'm trying to keep costs down! - Does anyone know any cheap UK based fabric websites??)

From this pattern I plan to make the blue and white top, I love the contrasting white band.

And finally I also bought this pattern. The most expensive and I think it will also be the most difficult!!! But I just love the style and I know it is a cut that will suit my shape very well. I thought it would make a very smart dress for work during the summer. I know I have already identified 3 other summer patterns to make (the two above and the one in the previous post and therefore my Pattern Challenge Goal achieved), but I thought I'd just show this pattern as well any way!

I tell you, if I DO manage to make all of these patterns I will be VERY pleased with myself!!!!! I shall endevor to keep you posted!


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  1. LOve it!!! These are super cute patterns, I definitely think you should try the Maxi Dress!! Can't wait to see how these turn out!!

  2. Please try all these patterns. You can do it! I really like the Muse dress.


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