4....is the magic number!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I took these photos during the summer but thought I would put them in a post as I just thought they were brilliant!

I was in London with work one day during the summer and on my lunch hour I took a wee walk around some of the streets. I'm not very familiar with London so I was wandering quite aimlessly and happened upon this sculpture, which on closer inspection was made out of umbrellas:

I thought this was pretty cool as it was...until I walked round to the left and saw it from another angle:

It's the Channel 4 '4'!!! How brilliant is that?!!!! I was also quite excited that I had stumbled across the Channel 4 studio's and hung around a little while to see if I could spot any 'celebrities', but no joy.


P.S. I am so excited to say that I have won some very funky spotty or tartan tape from a blog giveaway!!! Alice from Quaint Living e-mailed me last night to give me the good news that my comment was picked by her random number generator! So delighted! I really love reading her blog as she has a great eye for photography and makes really yummy food. I'll definately post a photo of the tape when it arrives. Yeay!

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