Spotty Tape - Giveaway prize!!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I recieved my Giveaway prize from Quaint Living today! I LOVE IT!!!! Alice also enclosed a really cute little Christmas postcard in the envelope as well:

I got the pink spotted and the grey spotted tapes. They actually work really nicely together as well. Not yet sure what I will use them for, I will have to get my crafting hat on for ideas! For now tho I taped them onto the back of a business card of mine (I'm in the office at the moment so it was whatever was close to hand!) and made a sort of gift tag with a hole in the top for string. I actually think it looks pretty cute:

Thanks Alice :)

I am loving this new blogging world I have discovered! Long may it continue! I'm still trying to crack how to attract new people to my blog but hopefully I'll get the hang of that soon too.


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