"Holidays are coming...Holidays are coming..."

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

'Tis the season....!

That was my attempt at the infamous Coke ad that is played this time every year. Once I hear that I know Christmas is just around the corner!

And with December comes the tree! I was round at my boyfriends house last night to help him decorate the tree. He is just a big kid when it comes to Christmas and would bedeck his entire house if he had the funds for it! So when it comes to the tree - 'the bigger the better' is his motto....and he did himself proud this year. When I walked in and the monstrosity in his living room I couldn't stop laughing - WAAAAY too big for his room, with the tip almost touching the ceiling! But saying that....it does now look perfect:

The above photo is with the flash, but I prefer the ones without the flash:

(boyf in background taking his own photos)

Shame about the ugly big TV! But I do like this angle, with the stripey stocking in the foreground. It will be lovely when we have a fire lit as well!

Thought this was a very nice decoration. I'm contemplating making this my Christmas card for the year. What do you think?


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