Draft Excluder

Friday, December 04, 2009

I had mentioned earlier that I would put up a couple of photos of the very simple draft excluder that I made for my boyf, so here is that post. I made it because Rob needed one and was about to chalk out for a very ugly expensive one embellished with victorian dancers (I don't know, it was hideous!) and I said that I could make a very simple one for a fraction of the price. So from the same shop we managed to source a piece of remnant material and got a cheap pillow from Tesco and I got to work. To be honest, the hardest part was trying to cut out a rectangle with 90deg angles from a piece of fabric which had no straight edges! I don't yet have any proper equipment for such things so I was using all sorts of straight edges and right angles that I could get my hands on. I opened up the pillow and used the stuffing for my creation. The result was pretty good, and it only really took me about half an hour (as I said, the thing that took the longest was getting a perfect rectangle!).  And here is the end result:

This is a close-up of the end I left open for stuffing and then sewed shut on the sewing machine - a little wonky...but it was the first thing I have made on my machine so I'm still learning!!!

And here is the final result in place. Never trust a man to take measurements - look how short it is!!!!!

One of Rob's friends saw the draft excluder and couldn't believe that I had made it, so I was very pleased about that. All in all, not a bad start to this whole crafting business.

...I just need to get round to finishing that flippin skirt!!!!


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