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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Well I finally got around to trying to sort out my 'sewing' room in my new abode....but even after a full day of sorting it still looks like this:

Horrific hey! Sir uses this room for his laundry too so it's a fight for space really!

Anyway, while I was sorting through all my stuff I was able to finally get to my material stash and I thought I'd share it with you and let you see all my many many plans (oh I'm so good at planning....just not so good at carrying out my plans!)....

One of the boxes filled with material waiting to be transformed....

This is a big piece of purple cotton batik which my mother gave me (her material stash is OBSCENE!) as I was looking for something to make this:

I've cut the pattern pieces for the option second in from the right on the brown haired girl (short light blue with dark blue band/straps) and I've cut out the muslin so hopefully I will be able to get this dress made soon (hmmm...I cut the muslin out in April!!!). I'm still trying to decide what colour to make my band and straps though. What do you think would look nice with the purple batik?!

Ikea Fabric
I LOVE Ikea fabric! I love how unusual it is and I love how CHEAP it is!!! So I have a lot of it waiting to be used for stuff. Most of it I bought before I knew what I would do with it!

This is upholstery weight so I would like to make a bag with it. Or perhaps a pleated skirt.

Quite light weight cotton so I plan to make a nice summer dress or skirt with this. Haven't decided on a pattern yet though.

Another lovely light weight cotton, planning on making a maxi dress from the New Look pattern above with this material. I LOVE maxi dresses!

Again, heavy duty cotton so this will probably end up as a bag of some shape or form. I love the crazy tree pattern on this - reminds me of Dr Seuss!

I'm all about red and black - I love them together, so I fell in love with this material as soon as I saw it! Planning on making this into a bag as well.

Old Curtain Remnants
Yep, you read that right! I was in a (pretty crap) fabric shop in Belfast and happened across a remnant basket which was full of old curtain samples...going for £1.50 each!!!! So I am in there almost every week now looking for new finds. This is what I've snatched up so far:

The picture doesn't really do this fabric justice. It has a lovely texture to it and it very heavy weight - so again, I'm thinking a bag.

This one is lovely, but again the photo doesn't do it justice. Its a lovely duck egg blue with a cream spot which is raised. Heavy weight again so will probably end up as a bag.

Love this one! Heavy-ish so think it will be a bag as well.

A lovely light weight voile type fabric (I'm sorry, I really don't know my fabric types so I could actually be totally WRONG!). It's sheer (you can just about make my sewing machine out underneath it) so I thought it would make a really cute blouse (which I would wear with a little vest underneath of course!) - perhaps pussy bow style....just need to find a pattern!

Another favourite. I am hoping there is enough fabric here to make a pleated skirt. I don't have a pattern yet, but I'm looking...or I may try and copy a skirt that I already have (which I bought two of from River Island in the sale years ago.....and I LIVE in them for work - the cut really suits me). I'll probably make the pattern go around the skirt, rather than up and down as it's shown here.


I took the head-staggers one day and bought this half yard cut of Liberty fabric off EBay for about £12. Crazy for me...but the pattern is called Susanna - so how could i not!!! Its a lovely fine light weight cotton but since I only have half a yard I'm not sure what I can make with it.....I'm hoping I can get a little strappy top.

This was given to my by my mum again. Nice little texture detail on it and there is a TONNE of fabric. But I'm not sure what to do with it at all. It's quite heavy weight so I'm not sure. Maybe a structured dress or a pencil skirt?

Cute little floral pattern. I only have one meter of this so it limits what I can do with it. It's also a poly-cotton, which isn't that nice. But perhaps I'll make a little strappy top from this as well.

Well that's it for now! You'll have noticed that a lot of the material is destined to become bags. That's because when I first started on this sewing venture I had planned to make bags and sell them! I may still do this, but I'm obsessing about making clothes now instead! If I could make ANYTHING at all that would be good! If you guys have any thoughts or suggestions on things I could make then let me know!


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  1. You have a GREAT fabric collection! Love the fun prints! I think the batik would totally work in that cute New Look pattern.


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