Thursday, June 03, 2010

Welcome to Purrrrr-sday - a new feature day here on Starfishes! I really am no good at sticking to one theme...I know that's what you should do to get maximum readership and to get your blog noticed (blah blah blah)...maybe it makes your blog easier to label - 'ah...this is a crafting blog' or 'this is a cooking blog'. Well, I just can't do that - I like too many things!! This blog is more like a snippet of my brain...always with loads of random things going on inside!

Anyway...on to the main event. I LOVE cats. Unfortunately I don't have one of my own...so I have to live vicariously through other people's cats, cats I meet on the street...or cats related things I find on-line! So I'm making a feature day on my blog which will just have random wee things related to all things feline. (erm...Sorry if you hate cats!)

To kick start this feature day off I have to admit that I 'stole' my first image from another blog! Tsk tsk, I know. I've just discovered this lovely blog called Conversation Pieces, by the lovely Zoë over in Bonny Scotland (ahhh...I miss Edinburgh...went to Uni there). Her blog really is lovely so I recommend going over and checking it out. She shared with us last Friday a very funky bird box which she found on the Urban Outfitters site and when I saw it I laughed out loud! What a brilliant idea - I LOVE it!!!!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Purrsday guys


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  1. That is a great bird box, I'm not sure how the birdies feel about it though ;-)


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