Self-Stitched-September...The planning

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Right, as I work 8-4 in an office most of my wardrobe for SSS will have to be 'business' attire and therefore I need to choose pieces accordingly. Luckily our dress-code isn't too strict so I won't have to make myself a full-blown tailored suit! I also have to remember that it will be Belfast. Sometimes we may have to odd burst of sunshine but I think I need to prepare for wet and cold weather!

So what I think will help me get through SSS and ensure that I still look decent is:

1 or 2 pairs of trousers
Looking for patterns I have so far found:

Simplicity 2700

Simplicity 3686

I quite like the look of the wide trousers on the girl far right on Simplicity 3686, with out the black line down the side though. I also know that the overlapping button on the waistband is a style that suits me.

1 pencil skirt

Butterick 5391

This skirt isn't quite 'pencil' but think it would work quite well. This may also be a contender for trousers as well - kill two birds with one stone (and save money - patterns are expensive in the UK!) - I also like the fact that it's called 'Fast and Easy' - my kinda pattern!

1 full skirt
Butterick 5285

A possible 'full' skirt - but I'm not convinced. Think I need to keep looking. Anyone have any suggestions? Actually, I just remembered a skirt which Tasia from made that would be perfect: The Armani Skirt. It's McCall 5803, which on a quick search I can't find...I hope it's not out of print! Eek!

1 or 2 tops
Some options include:

McCalls 5977
McCalls 5851
McCalls 5884
McCalls 5851 might be more suitable for wearing out for drinks or socialising rather than work. And for McCalls 5884 I think I would make view A or B as I'm not totally convinced with the big sleeves on view C.

1 or 2 dresses

McCalls 5923

New Look 6723

I love the tartan in the McCalls 5923 and I'm totally loving the Holly Go-Lightly style of New Look 6723. I'm not quite the wisp of a thing that Audrey was so not sure this style would suit me.

I am also in possession of Butterick 5353 so I think I should definitely make this pattern:

And finally, if that's not enough for me, I was thinking it would be nice to make a Autumnal coat of some shape or form:

New Look 6685

McCalls 5525

On second thoughts...maybe I should make a coat first, and then I can cheat and just wear it every day to work and that would cover me for my one 'Self-Stitched' item!!

The next thing I need to think about is a colour scheme so I get maximum 'matching' with all my pieces - eek! That's the hard part. I love so many different colours that I know I will find it hard to choose. I suppose that because a lot of this is for work, I should make some pieces in black. And then perhaps match with red for a classic look which I know will suit? Not very exciting is it! It would also be good to use up some of my stash...not very much (aka none!) back or red in there! I think I need to think about this a bit more!

And finally, I haven't thought much about what I could make to wear on the weekends...that might be a bit trickier! Again will have to get thinking about this...

P.S. I have FINALLY taken a photo of the pattern I used for make my first (and, erm, only) skirt so I will be posting the end result very soon...maybe even tomorrow if you're lucky! Yeay!

P.P.S. I have just looked back through this post and I have come to the conclusion that I am definitely MAD/CRAZY/DELUSIONAL!!!

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  1. Hi Suzie! Sadly the McCalls 5803 is out of print..The last time I checked it was still for sale online on the McCalls website but it's no longer there today :(
    But there are TONS of similar patterns, just look for something full, pleated into the waistband. The Butterick one is very very close. Happy sewing!

  2. Aw Tasia, I thought that might be the case! The thing I liked about your McCalls pattern were the POCKETS! I will have to learn how to add my own me thinks!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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