Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have decided to keep my cooking posts separate to this blog and have created a new blog called "SU-YUM!". The main reason for making a new blog for cooking is to create a personal resource which I can use to scan through or search for inspiration whenever I am desperately trying to decide what to have for dinner!!

Even though I'm building it purely for a personal reason I've decided to make it public so if you fancy checking it out then go here:

Let me know if you try out any of the recipes and how you got on. Equally, if you have any amazing recipes you think I should try then, by all means, send them through!!!


P.S. Promise the pics of my sHirt sKirt is coming soon - just need to get some decent pics of me wearing it (no easy task I tells ya!)

P.P.S I made up a muslin for New Look 6902 over the weekend which turned out well. Perhaps a little big so I'll try to make the adjustments and then get down to sewing the 'real thing' soon - can't wait. I tell you, this sewing malarky is addictive! (Proof - I was all excited about getting home last night to sew when I got the puppy dog eyes from Sir who thought my time would be better spent sitting next to him while he watches his flippin NCIS (he's addicted!) was I in a foul mood that night! lol! But I know, I can't complain...I'm lucky to have someone who wants to spend his evenings with me!)

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