Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy PURRSDAY everyone!

Today I'm focusing on feline-related jewelry from the wonderful handmade on-line store which I am sure we all know and love: Etsy

From Left to Right

Top Row:
1. Silver Cat Pendant from Zooz Jewelry
2. Silver Cat Ring from Silversmith HK
3. Cat at the Piano from Paper Sparrow

Middle Row:
4. Cheshire Cat Smile Pendant from Live this Life 777
5. Siamese Cat Pin from Jamie Guevarra
6. Flirty Kitty Ring from Cynical Red Head

Bottom Row:
7. Scrabble Tile Pendant from Blue Finger Studios
8. Maneki Neko Earrings from Auryn Design
9. "The Stalker" Art Resin Pendant from Alisa Paints

I love them and want them all!!!

Meow Meow

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