I love all things RED!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 posts in one day - go me!

This post is just a group of photos from around my house of all the lovely red things I have. My kitchen and living room are red white and black and I get a little carried away buying lovely things for it - if its red and white spots I LOVE IT! Its actually turning into a bit of an obssession....and Im getting slightly concerned!

Three gorgeous tin boxes from Ikea

Not an awful lot of red, but I still love it! Early Christmas present from my boyfriend x

My very sweet espresso cups (came with a red italian coffee maker too!) And a selection of some of my novels - including a very funny retro book called "Learning to Drive in Pictures" which dates back to the 70s - they had odd rules back then!

A beautiful hand painted wine glass which my boyfriend brought back from Norway for me (yes, he spoils me so!)

A very old enamel coffee pot which used to be my aunts until she got sick of me coveting it so much she gave it to me - bless her!! I do love it. But I don't use it for coffee. To be honest, the most common thing I use it for is as a vase for flowers.

So there you go, a little collection of lovely red items from my kitchen. Oh I love red!


Oh and a quick note to say - I finally got my first comment! Woo hoo! So excited! Hello and thanks to Brinja! :)

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