Testing the sewing machine

Monday, November 23, 2009

I realised that I never put up a close-up photo of my new sewing machine, so here is it:

One of its really useful functions is the button hole foot attachment. I was able to make quite a neat button hole after only a couple of practise runs. The foot has a place to put the actual button in it so that the machine automatically makes the button hole the right size for the button! The photo above actually shows the machine with the button hole foot in place, and 68 is the corresponding function number. Below is a photo of a rather neat button hole (with corresponding button beside it) done by Moi!

I realise that this is probably all really basic stuff, but it's all new to me and this blog is to chart my learning curve so I'm including it all! The machine has quite a list of stitch types and I will have fun trying them all out.

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