On an Autumn's Afternoon....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The sun managed to break through the heavy grey clouds, the rain gave us a day off and we were greeted by the most glorious day last Sunday! What better way to spend a sunny November afternoon than go for a walk in the Mournes (our wee, but stunning, mountain range in Northern Ireland). My wonderful boyfriend even made us a picnic including much appreciated steaming hot coffee - bliss! Definitely a great view for lunch. I was blown away by the gorgeous array of Autumnal colours - it was on a par with the scenes we are more used to seeing from the likes of Canada.
The rain promptly returned with full vigour the next day, but it was great to make the most of our one dry day. I hope we get at least a few more days even remotely like this one as there are so many beautiful places in Northern Ireland that I have yet to explore! N.I. really is a stunning country....when the rain finally clears away!!
P.S. Please click on the last photo to see it in proper panoramic view!

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